Big Brother Day 2 has begun, and there is one thing that is really bothering me: Danielle’s reasons for being there. 

She said she has watched Big Brother before, and every series has been full of naked antics, sex talk, snogs and controversy. So surely she should know what has been going on?

She has already cried because she can’t handle the constant talk of sex – which is fair enough in one way, because I would get bored of constant sex talk and nothing else, but this is everyones first day and they’re all trying to make friends.

She has already threatened to walk, and I will not be surprised if she is up for nomination and the first to leave.

She’s also stated she is very old fashioned – she doesn’t swear and clearly she isn’t interested in talking about sex, but she is an underwear model. How does she justify these reasons for not enjoying her short time in Big Brother by being an underwear model!? It just doesn’t make much sense to me. My brain is shouting attention seeker.

What do you think? Is Danielle attention seeking, or do you think she has good reasons for being upset?

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