She rapped on Kylie's song Shocked!
She rapped on Kylie’s song Shocked!

Another day in the Big Brother house showed just how paranoid house mates have become. 

Everyone is panicking that there are groups beginning to form, who is not to be trusted and knowing they’re not Pauline’s favourite because of her meal and party.

So let’s discuss Pauline – is the power going to her head? Is she a game player? And is she going to be a dangerous house mate?

She immediately told everyone about Chris’s VT, insisting the stuff he said as jokes were genuine. She picked Helen and Mark twice – and boy did the house mates pick up on that!

Pauline was granted a meal with three house mates of her choice. These house mates included Mark, Helen and Danielle. As soon as they were gone, Christopher was quick to suggest that Pauline has her favourites.

After the meal, Pauline was later granted a party after the house meal. She could invite four other guests, along with the ones who came along to the meal earlier that day. She chose Winston, Matthew, Christopher and Steven. The remaining house mates were left in the house to make some small talk.

Personally, I don’t think Pauline is as nice as first thought. I think she will be very manipulative, sneaky and power hungry.

But it’s early days yet. We’ll see what happens, won’t we?

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