With tattoos becoming increasingly common in today’s society, there still seem to be some things that people always get wrong. 

What some people don’t understand is a tattoo is for life, and requires a lot of thought. So let’s look at some common tattoo don’ts.

Brenda spelt out in the words Brenda. Genius.
Brenda spelt out in the words Brenda. Genius.

Your lovers name:

This is rule number one when getting a tattoo! Don’t ever get a tattoo of your partners name unless you have been with them for your whole life and only have a week to live, and even then that’s risky! You just don’t know when your relationship will be tested, and if you will make it through that testing phase. That persons name is inked on you for life, and if you break up, you better be finding a new Brenda!

The wrong off the wall
The wrong off the wall

Off the wall:

There is off the wall, and then there is off the wall. Surely, you want a tattoo that is unique and nobody else has. That is off the wall. Walking into a tattoo parlour and picking something that is off the wall is ridiculous, thoughtless and lazy.

We Can't Stop getting Miley tattoos
We Can’t Stop getting Miley tattoos

A tattoo of your favourite singer or band:

Especially pop stars. In todays world, the music industry is very superficial. A pop stars shelf life could only last for 2 years, and if you have had a tattoo of them in that time, you will be cool until a certain point. If you plan on being a fan of them forever, fair enough, but as you grow, you mature, and you could soon find you have grown out of your favourite pop star or band that you couldn’t live without at this present time.

Love: because no one else has it tattooed.
Love: because no one else has it tattooed.

Asking someone to suggest a tattoo:

Usually through Facebook, people who can’t be bothered to think of a tattoo ask their 1,000 ‘friends’ to suggest a tattoo idea to them, and then they will get it done, if they like it, of course.

Yes you are.
Yes you are.

‘I got white trash tattooed on me because I was called it through school and now i have overcome that stage in my life…’: 

Getting an awful tattoo and trying to justify it with some cock-and-bull story about the meaning behind it. If you liked the tattoo, just say you liked the tattoo and got it inked. Just because a tattoo doesn’t mean anything to you on an emotional level, doesn’t mean you can’t get it. Just make sure that tattoo is good!


Getting something ‘hilarious’: 

You have your own humour, and your humour might be shit. If you think something is funny, ask around to see if other people find it funny before getting it done. While you won’t please everyone, getting something that is anything but funny will just make you look like a dick.

'Excuse me, you've got something on your face...'
‘Excuse me, you’ve got something on your face…’

Face tattoos: 

Just don’t do it. Honestly, don’t. I’m all for tattoos not getting in the way of a career, but if you have a face tattoo then I can make an exception. Honestly, your face is one thing you should not get tattooed. Honestly, just don’t do it.



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