Is a new romance truly blossoming in the Big Brother house, or are we witnessing the tired age playing trick? 

In the recent episodes of Big Brother, viewers have seen Steven admit to Kimberly he ‘really likes her’, and Kimberly admit that she is ‘kind of attracted to him’. Naturally, their ‘relationship’ is the talk of the house, along with the Power Housemate and Jale.

And the video below shows what could be a kiss!

But is it real? Brother Hipster is skeptical. Remember when Chris, the power housemate, nominated Steven for eviction? Well, Steven cried and is afraid he will go.

And what are people interested in viewing? A showmance. 

Yes, it’s week two, and feelings develop. But Steven sure picked a coincidental time to voice his interest in the playboy model.

And is she really as quiet as she seems?

She’s been on the fence since she went in there, justifying that by saying she likes to listen to other peoples points first, and that has proved her to be quite unpopular with the ‘poplars’ or the bullies. Whatever you want to call them.


So maybe getting herself a ‘popular’ boyfriend will get her in the right crowd, thus extending her time in the house and getting ever so closer to the winning prize.

Let’s not discount just yet that it isn’t real, but let’s just remember this is Big Brother. And romances – except from one or two – quickly dry up after the magazine deals stop.

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