If you watched Big Brother tonight, you would have seen Danielle and Winston ‘bond’…

And I don’t know if it was just me, but I thought it looked quite cute.

I have no idea if its genuine or not. When you’re locked in a house things start to play with your head. But like they say, opposites attract.

You’ve got the ‘lad’ Winston, and strictly Catholic girl Danielle, who has only done oral which we found out tonight. Not that we really needed to know, but we wanted to.

They flirted in the kitchen, then talked in the bedroom. Danielle is worried she came on too strong, Winston thinks there’s some kind of attraction. I hope it develops a little further!

Sensing they would be upstaged, fake relationship Stevimberly checked the cameras were on them before kissing in the bedroom. Yeah, whatever, we’re not buying it!

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