There are many things I’d like to do in life, and many of them I’m not quite sure how to achieve…

I’m 19 now, but there are things I want to do and achieve in the next couple of years.

Here are 11 things I want to have achieved by the time I’m 25:

Create a short film:

In my spare time I enjoy filming little productions for online. One of these being a ghost series I create with a friend. One thing I would love to do is create a short film, which I can then enter into film festivals. I have a few ideas on how to do this – such as the story, how to get actors, where to film it. But I don’t know how to go about getting crew and setting the ball rolling.

Publish a novel:

Since I was seventeen, I’ve been woking on a series of novels and creating and developing characters. As the years have gone on, I really do believe I have created a relatable and interesting story which people would like. Everyday I believe more and more that this story will be published, I just need to find the right way to do it.

Clothing line:

A little different, I suppose, but I would like to have an online clothing business, where I create some graphic tee’s that people my age will enjoy. Yet there is a lot of competition, and I don’t have the right resources to do such a thing. Still, Brother Hipster clothing anyone?

Music EP:

I’ve always wrote songs. When I was a kid I was writing songs, thinking next week they’d be in the charts. I’ve recorded a few songs but I always panic about putting them online for people to hear. Maybe that’s where I’m failing with getting this goal recognised.

Work in TV/Film:

I work in television now, but when I’m 25 I would still like to be working in TV, Film and even Radio.

Write a good script:

Script writing is fairly new to me. I prefer to write with description, so never really thought of writing scripts. Now, however, I have started writing a series called Modern History. It’s definitely a learning curve. I’m not quite sure how to get a script recognised, so I need to find out how.


Friends and family are important to me, and of course by the time I’m 25 I would like to still have them. Of course I want to stay friends with the people I know now, but I want to meet new people, too, with life experiences.

Live in America:

New York, California…yeah that would be good. I’ve been to both countries and they felt like home. I love America and I love the sights. Living and working there would be a dream.

And, of course, party in Vegas!

Learn a language:

Learning a language is top of my list, but one thing I never go for and one thing I never commit too. Learning something like Welsh or French would be very rewarding.


I would love to own my own Cattery, when I live in a house that’s secluded and big enough to do so. I love cats, so temporarily looking after homeless ones would be very enjoyable.

My own business:

Maybe not quite to the extreme of Steve Jobbs, Richard Branson, but just something I can call my own. I don’t know what that would be in. A record label, maybe. A publishing house. A clothing line. A production company. Maybe even a nightclub meets coffee house. Who knows?

Of course, I am grateful for what I have now. And I will always appreciate what and who I have around me.

But hard work pays off, and with a little bit of that and confidence, everything can be achieved.

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