I’ve been writing a series of books since I was 17. So since 2012…

And since then I’ve developed characters, their stories and the plot. I get new ideas all the time.

Recently, I’ve cleared out a pretty big plot of the overall story and I thought it was quite an interesting concept.

However, I explained this plot to my dad who proceeded to laugh at it then yawn, telling me I bored him and he lost interest.

Now, I thought this was because the plot of my story is bad. Maybe it is. But my dad is no expert in this field.

What did I do wrong?

Maybe I explained the plot in a long-winded way, blurring the edges and leaving confusion.

My dad kept saying its all about characterisation. I guess that’s true. It’s the characters you relate with and their stories.

Yes, you need a good story for a good novel. But you need a lot of other things going on in your story too.

All of the great novels have sub-story lines underneath the domineering plot, and its these sub-storylines that people enjoy and can talk about.

They’re there to develop the characters and to give an overall feel of the whole story.

Have you ever explained a plot to someone and had them laugh or tell you it’s boring? What did you do? Continue writing or head back to the drawing board?

Let me know in the comments…

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