So already, October is here. 2014 has really flown by already!

But I’m not complaining. October is my favourite time of year. There’s just something about it, the atmosphere and the feeling, that I really do warm to.

Autumn nights


Yes, I know Autumn tends to be full of rain. And I know it tends to be full of bitterly cold nights. Suddenly the sun has gone and you’re hit with that fresh, chilly feeling. But it’s nice. It’s atmospheric. It’s almost inspiring. Walking outdoors, feeling that cold, fresh wind embrace you, makes me feel relaxed and content.

Autumn leaves


Okay, so they may be a lethal health hazard and they may be slippery, but aren’t they romantic? Crimson and crisp colours lighting up a normally grey, dull street is a sight I won’t tire of.



By far my favourite holiday of the year. The one day all things spooky and paranormal is not seen as weird but is accepted. It’s amazing! It’s on my bucket list that Halloween will one day be spent in America.

Jumpers & Coats


At last, we can start wrapping up in oversized jumpers and baggy coats. Definitely something to enjoy!

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