The Pretty Reckless hit Bristol – Review


Taylor Momsen shows us what she’s made of in Bristol…Sexy, fast paced and arousing.

The Pretty Reckless announced their Going To Hell UK Tour early 2014. After a successful album, the tour was one to be anticipated.

Finally, on the 23rd of November, I arrived at the O2 Academy in Bristol, ready to see one of my favourite bands live in concert.

The crowd were all dressed up like Pretty Reckless groupies. There was no absence of ripped jeans, leather jackets and studded belts. It was amazing.

The Pretty Reckless performed a mixture of songs from debut album Light Me Up and their second album, Going To Hell.

Momsen proved to be a strong leading front woman. She held the stage as her own, flaunting her body and thrashing her hair over her face in ways only she can achieve. It was sexy, fast paced and arousing.


The group opened with Follow Me Down, a woman’s screams of pleasure echoing around the venue. This sound is also included on the album track, but I tend to turn that down when I know my parents are around…

A good opening track, but could have proved just a bit more lively.

Since You’re Gone was next. One of my favourites and a strong track from the first album. The crowd liked this one, and screamed it back at Momsen.

Sweet Things was next. A track on the album that includes Taylor screaming the words ‘Where you going, I wasn’t through, I gotta have my way with you.’ At first, she just sang them, and I was a little disappointed. Then as the guitars built she began to scream these words with mustered anger. Kudos to her!

Miss Nothing was next, and it was clear that songs from the first album were crowd pleasers.

Dear Sister followed, which seemed a bit pointless. On the album it seemed like a filler, and you wondered why it was included in the setlist. It didn’t quite seem to fit.

Absolution was next, and I’m afraid to say I wasn’t feeling it. I enjoyed it on the album, but after seeing it live it just seemed to give nothing back to the audience.

Why’d You Bring A Shotgun To The Party is a song that discredits The Pretty Reckless, and one they should have left on the album. There are much better songs they could have put in its place. Goin’ Down being one of them.

House On A Hill followed. Taylor’s voice was smooth and enticing. They had recently released the music video to this song, too.

Make Me Wanna Die brought the cried back to life. The debut single from the band, it was a special moment for everyone.

Heaven Knows is a song that Taylor insisted went to number one. It’s a song that seems cheated in popularity. It was a crowd favourite, and one of The Pretty Reckless’ best known songs. It should have been the closing of the show.

Going To Hell was next. The leading track from the second album. Another one that excited the crowd, and one that looked fun to perform.

Finally, as an encore, after many cries of ‘Taylor, Taylor, Taylor’, the band came out to perform one final song: Fucked Up World. A good song, but one that shouldn’t have been used as an encore. And it could have done without the long, slightly dull drum solo too!


Overall, the concert was not a let down. Whilst Taylor could have spent more time talking to the crowd – all she seemed to shout was ‘BRISTOLLLLL’ – she held her own and had the cried captivated. Her vocals prove that her calling is in rock music. I’m looking forward to whatever The Pretty Reckless have planned next!

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