Using your phone at a gig – is it such a bad thing?

Using a phone at a concert has become quite the controversy, at least in some situations, but is it really a bad thing?


As digital technology has evolved, so has the way we interact with things around us. Take concerts. While it was once common to see the occasional compact camera, it’s now common to see mobile phones raised in the air, and even the occasional iPad.

And whilst it seems these phones are in the air more than anything else, I can’t help but wonder if its a bad thing.


Artists such as Kate Bush has urged her fans not to use phones at her well anticipated comeback concerts. She has said she wants to feel a connection with her audience. But then you get artists like Miley Cyrus who use their phones on stage to take selfies and videos for instagram, and encouraging fans to light up the room with their phones.

And it’s not just Cyrus that does this. A lot of today’s artists wholeheartedly welcome phones in the air.

I’m torn on phone use at a concert, and I’m able to see both sides of the argument. Here are the pros and cons of phone use at a gig:


What better way to remember a night being in the same room as your favourite artists than countless blurry iPhone images and awful sounding videos? And on the rare occasion you get a good photo of your favourite artist, treasure it forever.

Calling people who couldn’t be there:
What if one of your friends was a huge fan of the band you’re seeing tonight, but couldn’t make it? Why not give them the next best thing? A phone call of their band performing their favourite song.

Finding a lost friend:
Maybe your friend went to get a drink seconds before the light went down. Direct them back to where you are by text, because let’s face it, you’re not giving up your place in the crowd.


You’re not watching!
Why come to a concert, sometimes travelling miles, just to watch it through the lens of your phone camera? Before you know it the concert is over, and you haven’t had time to absorb the celebrity stood inches away from you.

If you’re constantly lifting your phone up, the people behind you will focus on your camera more than they will the band. You could even block people’s views, too.

Bad quality:
Let’s face it, the photos and videos you take at a concert are normally all out of focus and are deleted when the concert ends. Unless you’ve got a pretty decent camera, phones just don’t cut it.

If you’re spending most of the concert time on your phone, whether it be texting, updating twitter or browsing Facebook, then you must be bored, and you should not be at this concert.

Waste of time:
Why waste your time and money travelling to this concert when you’d rather be lost in the digital world?

So you have all these photos and videos, but do you remember the concert? Do you remember how the singer danced? Do you remember anything they said? Do you remember their stage design for a certain song?

We go to a concert to have fun, see our favourite artists and to let loose and express ourselves. We’re free to do what we want at a concert. Enjoy it how you want to enjoy it. But please, just for a couple of minutes, absorb the atmosphere, and give that singer/band on stage your full attention.

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