Here’s Why Selfie Sticks Aren’t A Big Deal


They were one of the biggest selling items this Christmas, 2014 – the ‘selfie stick’ has become the must have photo accessory…

And, naturally, with many popular things, people are quick to form their opinions. Even if their opinions are only their opinions because they seemingly seem to be everyone else’s.

I’ve seen lots of posts recently on how the ‘selfie stick’ is awful and shouldn’t be a thing, and it’s annoying the fuck out of me.

If you don’t know what a selfie stick is, it’s an extendable pod where you can attach your mobile phone or your camera. By using blue tooth or your camera timer, you can take a ‘selfie’ with a group of friends and a background to the photo.

The only reason ‘selfie sticks’ have a bad reputation is because they are called selfie sticks. People assume people are buying these sticks just to take selfies. But look at the bigger picture, if you’ll pardon the pun.


Above is what a selfie stick is all about. No, I’m not saying scale a really tall building and risk death. I’m saying that a selfie stick is used to get a photograph of a group, and some or even most of the background.

How many times have you tried to take a group selfie, but cut out half of your friends? How many times have you visited a world wide attraction, but struggled to get that landmark in the photograph with you?

And how many times did you think ‘I wish there was a better way!’

The ‘selfie stick’ is a nifty little photograph extension that is interesting and works.

Whilst there are some sad individuals who have bought this stick just to get better photographs of themselves and themselves entirely, the majority of people are using it to capture better memories of them, their friends and places they’ve been.


I read a ludicrous report that the selfie stick was stopping communication, because now using a selfie stick is anti-social. Apparently, if you are using these sticks, you are telling people around you not to approach and offer to take this photograph for you.


I’ve taken many selfies without a selfie stick of myself and friends, and only once or twice has anyone offered to take the photo for me. People are so caught up in a panic that we’re all ignoring each other that they’re using any silly example to prove we all hate each other.

If you’ve got a selfie stick, use it with pride! The only reason people ‘hate’ them is because everyone says you have to.

But really, who are they hurting? Can you tell someone has used a selfie stick in the first place, unless they state they have or the stick is in shot? Why does it bother you so much?

If you’ve never used one, no opinion. If you’ve used one and not liked, it good for you.

It’s fun! It’s efficient! It can even be creative! And if you own one, just know your group selfies will always be better than those still living in the past.

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