#EELive – Why it wasn’t Abi


So if you just watched tonight’s Eastenders where the first scenes and last scenes were live, you would have seen Max say the words ‘She knows. She knows you killed Lucy…’ to his daughter Abi…

Cue the doofs, cue twitter meltdown.

It wasn’t Abi. This week is going to be huge for Eastenders, so the killer being revealed on first night, and in a partially live episode is highly unlikely.

Plus, Lucy was killed at home. Which suggests she was killed by a family member, possibly.

The music box was the last thing Lucy heard. Cindy was carrying that music box tonight. Jane looked uncomfortable.

My money is on Jane or Cindy, but I am leading more towards Cindy.

But there are more twists and turns left to come, and I can’t wait to see what happens.

Tomorrow, though, Abi will say something along the lines of ‘How can you think I killed her?’

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