I’m not sure how I feel about this. Bobby Beale has been revealed as the killer of Lucy Beale…

For ten months the nation and me have been speculating on who killed Lucy. It’s got everyone talking about EastEnders again, and for all the right reasons. It’s been a great storyline and has been packed full of drama and twists to keep us talking. It was carried out well, written well and acted well.

But I am a little disappointed that Bobby Beale is the killer.

We don’t care about Bobby Beale. Yes, he’s always been there, but he’s young. We don’t care about the young characters. They’re there for light comic relief, or just to fill a scene. They’re not important to any central storyline. It’s like if Tiffany killed Bianca.

It’s almost like a joke.

We’re not emotionally connected to Bobby Beale like we are with Jane, or Ian, or Peter. Yes, it’s clever that they haven’t led us to believe it was Bobby. It adds to the shock. But everyone pretty much guessed last night it was Bobby, and that Jane was covering up, so the shock was gone.

It feels like an easy way out. It feels like we’ve been cheated of genuine motive for a killing. Are we really supposed to accept that Lucy Beale’s death was an accident? After everyone she pissed off? She gets killed by a hit on the head from her jewellery box, after a childish argument with her sibling, and everyone guessed it last night? What happened to no predictability in this storyline?

I don’t know guys. I’m going to need convincing that this was a good idea in tomorrow nights fully live episode. Right now, I just can’t take Bobby seriously.

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