Coffee. It’s just grand isn’t it? It’s a life saviour for all us hardworking, early morning risers. 

Without coffee in my working day, I really don’t think I’d be able to function.

Here’s 7 reasons why coffee starts your morning off the right way:

1) It tastes good

A lot of people say coffee tastes disgusting. I’ll admit before I worked I wasn’t a huge fan of coffee unless it was a caramel macchiato from Starbucks. But there’s something about joining the adult world and becoming a worker that changes your taste for coffee. It’s so good I wonder how I survived school without it.

2) It wakes you up

The caffeine in coffee really does its job. I can come into work at 9AM, feel drained and wishing for nothing but my bed, but once I get that sip of coffee I feel refreshed. Which leads me on to my next point…

3) The rush

Ever had a dull headache in the morning, or your eyes are drooping, or you just feel numb with tiredness? Then you taste the first sip of coffee and you literally feel that rush. It goes straight to your head, fighting away your headache, lightening your heavy eyes and bringing you to life. Literally. I’m not over exaggerating.

4) You can have it anytime!

You can get coffee whenever you want it, although I’d suggest you don’t drink it too much, because you’ll not be able to keep still. You’ll overdose on your rush.

5) Focussed

It helps you to focus on your work, or the task before you.

6) It’s like a drug, but not a bad one

I mean, it’s addicting, isn’t it? But it’s not illegal to be addicted to it. It’s a stimulator, but it’s a good one.

7) The variation

Go to Starbucks and you can get different coffees that you don’t really need but are just amazing! Iced, frap, caramel macchiato. Oooh, caramel macchiato. I would like one of them right now.

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