Yesterday was day 2 in the Big Brother house, and we saw our bunch of housemates settle into the house. 

‘Showbiz’ Simon was given the boot in one of the nastiest but greatest twists in Big Brother history. 

Now, as usual, the contestants are weird and wonderful. It’s Big Brother, of course they are! 

But let’s talk about one house mate in particular, Cristian MJC. 

We won’t address how unbelievably sexy he is. Because he is. Like everything about him. 😏😏😏😏 x10000. 

The bedrooms were opened and housemates picked their beds, and Cristian was sharing his bed with posh boy Nick. He wasn’t pleased. 

Cristian was heard saying ‘sharing a bed with a boy, come on man that’s weird’. No straight man secure with his sexuality would see that as a big deal? You’re not going to be seen as gay just because you’re sleeping next to another guy, Cristian! 

In fact, making a big deal out of it seems to me like you’re trying to keep something hidden in the closet…

He seems to be getting along with ‘Pie Face’ Jack. He was heard saying to him ‘I don’t have a nickname’ but Cristian MJC AKA Matthew Clarkson seems like a bit of a nickname to me! 

Cristian is a ‘rapper’ who is in the beginning of getting his music out there. Jack said to him ‘this is a brilliant platform for that!’ Referring to entering Big Brother to boost your public image. 

Cristian tried and failed to act like that wasn’t the reason why he was in the house. 

Then you’ve got him and other handsome lad Danny. Like men forcing their heterosexuality on people, they were heard gossiping about how the ladies in the house are either taken or gay. 

Referring to the twins Amy and Sally, Danny said they were ‘vulnerable’. 


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