Recently, I’ve realised how different people know different things, and how it can make you think like you’re not as smart as people expect you to be…

What I’m saying is, some information seems more important to know than certain things.

But just because I don’t know politics inside and out, doesn’t mean I’m a stupid person.

You see, my boyfriend is interested in cars. He can name a car and model make just by looking at it. He can tell you the engine they have, the top speeds they can go and what year it was made. It’s all simple to him and obvious, whereas to me it’s ‘just a car’.

My dad is a fountain of knowledge. Rarely do I ask him a question that he doesn’t know the answer to. History, geography, science – he can answer. He’s a bright man.

My mum is a whiz in her job role, and is constantly talking about what she knows in her job. My sister is a social worker, and knows all about mental health issues.

And then there’s me. I can tell you who won The X Factor’s first season. I can tell you pretty much everything you need to know about Harry Potter. I can tell you that Part of Me by Katy Perry came from the Teenage Dream Confectionary Collection. I can tell you how to edit footage, how to use editing software, and how TV works.

You see, my interests to other people might seem trivial and useless. But I suppose it all comes down to what people are interested in, doesn’t it?

Put me on Mastermind, and my subject would be Harry Potter. But when you watch Mastermind, some people’s chosen topics are things you’ve never even heard of.

I’m really interested in celebrity culture. Where they came from, how they got to where they are, their partners, their stories. That might be useless to you, but to me it isn’t.

I know the book publishing process, but when will that ever come up in conversation?

Just because we’re interested and know things other’s don’t, doesn’t mean we aren’t smart or bright. In fact, it’s finding a place for your information.

Someone may one day ask a question about a celebrity, and you can answer it with confidence.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, knowledge is a weird and wonderful thing. Treasure it.

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