Big Brother’s Timebomb is due to welcome back some familiar faces tonight. 

In a Big Brother eviction twist, Marc, Simon and Sam will be ‘fake evicted’ from the house and put into a secret house, where they can watch the housemates bicker and bitch.

But not only are they unaware it’s a false eviction, they’re unaware that they will be joined by some past Big Brother legends.

Nikki Grahame and Helen Wood.

Nikki is remembered for her outburst when she was nominated by a new housemate. The line ‘Who is she’ is now Big Brother legend.

And then there is notoriously vile Helen Wood. She was winner of civilian Big Brother last year, and dominated the house with her rotten behaviour and pass to the final.

Since then, she’s had a make over and gone blonde but she still looks gross.

And, tonight a third past housemate will join – but Big Brother is keeping it secret. I pray for Speidi, but I doubt very much they’ll be heading back in.

Maybe Perez?

Who knows? But make sure you watch tonight and find out!

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