Why Olly Alexander is the Perfect Front Man


Years & Years have taken the music industry by storm, and you’d be forgiven for thinking they appeared out of nowhere…

And believe it or not, the band isn’t just Olly Alexander. The band consists of bassist Mikey Goldsworthy and synth player Emre Türkmen.

But in this article, I thought I’d look at why Olly Alexander is such a good front man and a breath of fresh air.

He’s interesting

Bands these days rely on looks, and whilst Olly is very good looking, he has a personality. He has a great stage presence, he’s interesting to watch, and you want to find out more about him.

His songs are honest

Their debut album Communion has so many raw and emotional songs. When you listen to the album, full of perfect synth pop, you feel like Olly is letting you in. He’s letting you know his insecurities, his fears and his passions.

He has a boyfriend

Sexuality isn’t a big deal, we all know that. If you don’t, you’re weird. But the fact that Olly is a frontman, mainstream, and openly honest about what he likes and who he dates, really makes him just an everyday person. It helps people who may be struggling to come to terms with their sexuality, or people who are openly gay, feel more confident.

Years & Years could have a very long and successful career on their hands if they play their cards right and keep their uniqueness about them. Their videos are artistic, their songwriting is brilliant, and if they lose that they just become like everyone else. Manufactured, same old pop stars.


  1. I guess the thing about Olly Alexander is that he is not exactly new to the show business. He’s done some acting during the last few years so he’s already had the taste of how to handle being famous. And then there’s all the talent and his sympathetic way of performing. It’s actually scary how good they are live as well.

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