Would you spend £56k to look like Katie Price? A mother and daughter did


A mother and daughter have spent over £56k on surgery to look like their idol, Katie Price…

And I’m afraid it’s money wasted.

Georgina Clarke, 38 and Kayla Morris, 20, thought they were in need of bigger boobs, bums and lips. They have said that splashing out so much money on surgery has brought them closer together. Well, mother-daughter bonding has to happen through something, right?

Kayla told The Sun:

My mum is my best friend and plastic surgery is our way of bonding. Every time we go under the knife we get closer to looking like Katie.

And how did they fund their surgery habits? Well, through Kayla’s stripping job of course.

Kayla had been a stripper from the age of 17, because aspirations are good, and then she found herself a sugar daddy, until he was found out by his wife.

Kayla first discovered her love for Katie Price at 13. She would watch her shows, obsess over her stories and read her books. Kayla decided she wanted a boob job in primary school, and her mother was thrilled when she found out.
Georgina said:

I was so pleased. I admitted I wanted one too and we started planning for when she turned 18. I don’t mind that Kayla had a sugar daddy and and she insisted we use the money to get plastic surgery together.

Aw, cute.

Kayla’s first boob job cost £5,000. She went from 32E to 32G. The mother and daughter will regularly have lip fillers, botox, hair dye treatments and will decorate themselves in make up to look ‘glamorous’. Not cheap. Glamorous.

They’re both also addicts to sun beds.

Georgina has said neighbours and locals aren’t approving.

I got a letter form local women saying everyone laughs at me because I dress like a tramp and have duck lips. But I love the way I look now.

Well. I’m not sure why you would spend so much money to look like somebody else, but each to their own, yeah?

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