The X Factor launch show suffers it lowest recorded viewings in TEN YEARS as it’s new ‘shake-up’ goes wrong…

2BC8CB1D00000578-3216092-image-a-194_1440946187487Does this spell the end for The X Factor?

Weeks before the launch show of The X Factor Simon Cowell has been declaring the it will be the best to date. Yet ITV have failed to gain the views they were hoping for during Saturdays launch show.

The ratings on Saturday night were 1 Million less than in 2014. The show recored a total of 7.11 Million views, ITV and Cowell are very disappointed.

2BC8CB5900000578-3216092-image-a-193_1440946181114The judges, not seeming very happy.

A total of 7.11 million view with a further 536k on ITV+1. Last year the launch show achieved 9.03 million and further 465k on ITV+1.

Last year the show was competing against the likes of Doctor Who. The 2015 launch show of The X Factor has little to compete with compared to 2014.

Maybe it’s time for The X Factor to come to an end?


  1. I thought it was a solid start in terms of quality. To be honest it’s unlikely they will ever get back to the 15mil they got in 2010, but if they just stop stressing about the numbers it can still be worthy of your time on a Saturday night. I’m just tired of always hearing about the ratings and strictly competition.

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