Don’t worry, Marie from the cafe, your time will come…

But Tracey comes first. 

Our favourite barmaid, who has only ever had the lines ‘yeah, okay’, is now set to get her own storyline which will air in two weeks time. 

She has been on the set since 1985, but only now is getting a role. 

It’s reported she will feature in a big role this month as Kathy Beale makes contact. 

Kathy recently returned ‘back from the dead’, and wants to head back to the square, however Phil won’t allow it. 


Photo from the BBC
But desperate to get back, Kathy contacts her old friend Tracey. 

Tracey notes down an address for Kathy, before finding Phil to tell him where Kathy is. 


Photo from the BBC
Tracey then voices her concerns to current landlord, Mick Carter. 

Remember, Tracey had thought Kathy to be dead, so she struggles to come to terms with finding out her friend is alive and wants to come back. 


Photo from the BBC
As an Eastenders fan, I can’t wait to see Tracey with a big role! I hope it means there will be more chance to develop Tracey as a character in the future. 

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