Chloe Mafia is known for auditioning on The X Factor and then dating the super rich riches CEO of Spearmint Rhino…


The former X Factor contestant only recently revealed her lavish lifestyle to the public after becoming a millionaire from dating the CEO of Spearmint Rhino.  

She has also made a name for herself with Playboy and also started a webcam stripping business. 

Today it has been revealed that she and her super rich boyfriend have split.   A source says that Chloe, 24, and John, 34, came to a mutual agreement to end the relationship.  

Chloe’s rep told the Mirror Online: “Chloe and John have mutually decided to part ways. There is no one else involved in their break-up, they have broken-up because it’s difficult to maintain a long-distance relationship.  However, Chloe and John remain the best of friends and are going on holiday together with Chloe’s daughter very soon.”

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