Demi Lovato has talked her up-coming collaboration with close friend, Iggy Azalea…

The pair are good friends, with Iggy revealing that Demi is due to be her bridesmaid at her wedding.

And at the VMAs, Iggy joined Demi on stage to rap a verse on Demi’s new song, Cool For The Summer.

Iggy will feature on Demi’s new album, Confident, on a song called ‘Kingdom Come’. But Iggy hadn’t even heard the song when she agreed to collab.

Speaking of how the collaboration happened, Demi said:

When we finally made the decision of which songs were making the album I said, ‘OK, I want her on this one.’ So I called her and was like, ’Hey will you do a song?’ And she’s like, ’Yeah sure I’ll go into the studio tonight.'” I was like, ’Do you want to hear it first?’ She’s like, ’No it’s cool.’ I’m like, ‘You’re an amazing friend and I love you.’

Demi explains that despite Iggy didn’t know what the song went like before recording her verse, it fitted perfectly into the song.

Demi said:

I was a fan of her before we were friends, so I feel like I knew what it would sound like. And I was just excited to hear it back, it was so much more than I even expected.

Are you looking forward to the Iggy and Demi collaboration?

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