Last night, Apple launched the brand new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s PLUS, and they look exactly the same…

However, the ‘changes’ are in the software.

Whilst the design looks the same as the previous 6 model, the iPhone 6s now has 3D Touch. This is a pressure sensitive function which means that went more than a tap is applied, a new shortcut menu appears on screen. This can be used to glance at emails and messages without opening them.

The front facing camera now allows a flash option. This happens as the main screen lights up brighter as you take a photo/selfie. It also adjusts to the lighting around you to keep the exposure level.

The rear facing camera now has an upgrade of 12 mega pixels, and a 4K Video option. However, the 4K video option will take up A LOT of memory.

Another feature is the live photos, which is basically the option to make your own GIFs. By taking a succession of quick photos, you can now create a moveable image which you can set as your backgrounds. Again, a quick way to lose memory and battery.

Will you be buying the new iPhone, or do you think it looks exactly the same and there is no point?

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