You Could Soon Be Able to Catch Pokemon in Real Life

So here is some AMAZING news…

You’ll soon be able to catch your very own Pokemon on the go, with a new app ‘Pokemon Go’.

Nintendo have teamed up with makers of Ingress, a popular mobile app, to create a new Pokemon game where you can find, catch and battle Pokemon in the real world using location tracking data.

The Pokemon Go app, which is free and will be released next year, using location data to direct you to a nearby place where a Pokemon is, so you can go and battle and capture. Your phone will superimpose the Pokemon onto your screen, in local parks, or wherever you are.

Like you would in the games, you will then battle and try to capture these Pokemon, building up your very own team.

You can also buy a physical device called the Pokemon Go Plus, which begins to vibrate and light up when a Pokemon is near.

Watch the video below:

AMAZING. What’s the catch?

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