Brother Hipster Interviews Big Brother Star Cristian MJC

Since leaving the Big Brother house, finalist Cristian MJC has been recording brand new music for an EP due to be released later this year…

Cristian has also been in the news for another reason – Jasmine Lennard. Brother Hipster has caught up with Cristian about his music, and what he has planned.

Entering Big Brother was literally being put on the map over night. How does life compare now to when it did before you entered Big Brother?
The difference is a profile boost that’s all, lots of people know who I am and people on the street recognise me. They know that I was that dude on TV that makes music, and now it’s just a case of making them more aware of my music.
When you were in Big Brother, a few of the housemates said it was a chance for you to forge a music career, what did you think of these claims?
I just reminded them I have been making music since I was 16, and you can clearly see the progression since I was that age. It wasn’t an overnight thing, it is something I have endlessly worked on trying to perfect.
You are working on your EP now – can you tell us how that is going?
It’s going really well. There is a lot more to creating an good EP than just throwing some tracks together. My aim was to get all the right people involved in the project, and everything is now beginning to fit into place.
Good things come in good time.
Are you working with any other familiar faces? 
Wizzy Wow, Rymez, McLean, Dj Scottie B, Darren Martyn, Stephanie Nala, Lydia Lucy
You released a music video after leaving the house – was it overwhelming to see so much more support all of a sudden?
Of course it was exciting, because nowadays after you’ve made the song, the hard part is actually getting the people to hear it.
How are the gigs going? 
My last gig was at Soccer Six which was good fun! I love performing on stage more than anything, that has always been my favourite place, on a stage, full of energy, and entertaining people.
What wasn’t so fun was not taking a shower before performing after I had played football all day, just a bit sweaty…
Are you still with Jasmine Lennard?
Yeah, everything is going really well.
When is the EP released, and what are your plans after the release of the EP?
We are targeting an October release, and following that a UK tour! You will also be hearing a single from the EP released soon before the EP drops, so keep yourselves up to date on my website to see when that comes.
And will the EP be available in stores as well as online?
Not yet, but we aim to within the next 12 months! Currently all my music is distributed to all the online digital music stores, iTunes, spotify, Amazon etc..
The EP will be available on all those websites.
You struck up a friendship with Joel. Do you still keep in touch with him or any other Big Brother contestants? 
No, but I’m on good terms with everyone. I have been really busy recently with work, and it’s been hectic trying to balance my work with my social life.
Listen to Cristian MJC’s ‘Watch This Space’ here:

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