A mother found the words ‘reproductive sex’ written on her child’s cup at a Chipotle restaurant…

The parent took to Reddit to share the image and get people’s opinions on whether or not the words were offensive.

However, on further inspection, the cup is part of the ‘Two Minute Read’ series. A Reddit user explained:

The story on the back of the cup explains it.

Tattoo Earth’s 4.5-billion-year timeline onto your arm, shoulder to fingertip, and your upper arm will get nothing but geologic mayhem: meteorites, magma, acid rain. Life won’t begin until your bicep, and from there to your wrist it’s all single-celled, oceangoing stuff. Reproductive sex won’t show up until your wristwatch, and creatures that are finally big enough to see – tubes and fronds and weird Precambrian plant-animals – will crisscross the back of your hand.

The post has been viewed 1.2 million times, and many users don’t see the problem.

One user said: ‘It’s art. Grow up.’

Do you see any problems with it?


  1. Considering how her child came to be, I don’t see how her or any parent should be offended. Even the church teaches that sex is only for reproductive reasons so why freak out over that?

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