Have You Got a Nasty Cat? It Could Be Because of its Colour

Cats. They’re so cute you just want to hug every cat. 

But at some point in our lives we have come across a cat that doesn’t want to hug us. We come across cats that hiss at us, run away, and even attack us. And we wonder why? Why is this world so cruel?

Well, according to a new study, the temper of a cat depends on what colour they are.

Researchers from the University of California published the results of an experiment.

They found that the most aggressive cats are:

  • Tortoiseshell and white (calico)
  • Black and white
  • Grey and white

Whilst the most sweetest ones are:

  • Black
  • Grey
  • White
  • Tabby

To get these results, researchers asked 1,274 owners to record how their pets reacted in certain situations – such as going to the vets.

However, they have stated that this is just a general study, and does not apply to all cats.

My cat falls into the aggressive side, but she can be sweet and cute when she wants to be. Which category does your cat fall into?

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