The world has seen it’s first transgender tree…

It has taken the The Fortingall Yew 5,000 years to come out and admit that he was born into the wrong trunk, and would like to transition.

The tree is known internationally, and according to local legend is the birthplace of Pontius Pilate, so naturally she had a lot of pressure to change.

The tree has been male for thousands of years, but now part of the tree has become a female, which has surprised botanists at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.

Dr Max Coleman has said:

Yews are normally either male or female and in autumn and winter sexing yews is generally easy. Males have small spherical structures that release clouds of pollen when they mature.Females hold bright red berries from autumn into winter.

He continued:

It was, therefore, quite a surprise to me to find a group of three ripe red berries on the Fortingall Yew this October when the rest of the tree was clearly male.

Well done, tree!

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