The new Sainsbury’s Christmas ad doesn’t rely on serious, sad messages to be the best Christmas advert this year…

Instead, it relies on an animated, cute cat called Mog and a caring community of neighbours.

Instead of making us cry, they’ve made us laugh – which is what Christmas is all about.

The new Christmas ad launched on TV last night, and sees a cat called Mog who trashes the cosy family Christmassy home and sitting dumbfounded as to what to do.

Mog overcooks the chicken until it’s smoking, he accidentally calls 999, the champagne bottles smash, and the Christmas tree withers and dies.

The slogan of the advert is ‘Christmas is for Sharing’, and uses a children’s literature character, because the profits raised will be donated to Save The Children’s campaign to improve children’s literacy.

Judith Kerr, author of the Mog stories, wrote a new story to be released at the same time as this advert. She also makes a cameo in the advert, too. The book will cost £3.00, whilst the soft toy will be £10.00. Proceeds will go to assist the Save The Children’s project, which aims to improve reading abilities for children who leave primary school.

What do you think of the advert?

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