selfie-sisters-lucy-sophie-and-staceyMeet the selfie-sisters, who tease men with sultry photographs and get rewarded and showered with gifts…

The sexy sisters have earned over £75k worth of gifts from strangers on the internet.

Lucy Brooks, 28, Sophie Brooks, 26, and Stacie, 25, entice men on the internet with photographs and allow them to buy and send them presents.


The sisters were recently scheduled to appear on Loose Women, but the panel decided to cancel their appearance at the last minute, after finding out Lucy worked for an adult TV channel.

The girls are not happy that the panel, who pride themselves on being open with any topic, decided not to feature them on the show after learning of this career choice.

The girls told Mirror Celebs:

We’re really disappointed Loose Women changed their minds, but we do understand. We just find it a bit ironic that they pride themselves on their ‘loose’ opinions yet are so closed minded when it comes to the glamour industry.

The girls get sent presents such as iPads, designer shoes and handbags, laptops, flowers and cosmetics and estimate they’ve been sent a whopping £75k worth of goodies.

All because they’re pretty.

However, sister Sophie is the only single one, whereas her two sisters both have boyfriends. According to the girls, their boyfriends don’t mind that strangers are sending them gifts.

The craze is called ‘rinsing’, and it involves men sending gifts to women they spot on the internet, and expect nothing in return.

The girls admit to the occasional flirty call, but insist they are doing nothing wrong.

Lucy, who is mum to one child, said:

It’s not seedy. It’s hardly like we’re selling our bodies. We’re doing many of these men a favour. They love our pictures and tell us how fun we look. We brighten up their day, in an innocent way. We’d never meet or do anything sexual. We’re not like that. My boyfriend doesn’t have a problem with it. He thinks it’s funny, if anything. Although he’s stuck on what to get for Christmas as I already have so much.

The girls own a salon in Herts, and claim they are sent flowers every week.

Lucy, marketing manager for the salon, said:

These men are harmless. Lots have things missing in their lives. Maybe they’re lonely or lack ­confidence. They don’t have a glamorous girl to treat at home, so they get a kick out of buying for us. It’s sweet.

It all started when Lucy shared a pouting selfie on the internet in 2010, and was sent a bottle of Marc Jacobs perfume.

More men asked if they could treat me. Some asked if I had a wishlist on Amazon. I thought, ‘why not?’ I won’t lie, I want a nice life.

Lucy, who now has 93,000 Twitter followers, then shared a photo of herself and her sisters in 2013, when the salon was opened. When men saw her sisters, the trickle of gifts increased.

Everyone commented on how alike we were, our big, blue eyes. It wasn’t just me. They wanted to buy my sisters presents too.


The girls have seen men come on too strong, and have occasionally had to block some from contacting them.

Speaking of the incident, Sophie reminisced:

It was really quite scary. We all blocked him on Twitter, but he made other accounts to contact us on. Then he rang Lucy to say he was in St Albans and was coming to the salon. We had to get the police involved and he got a restraining order.

But Lucy says most of them are sweet, and regularly talks to them on the phone:

Some want to chat. I flirt, but there is a line they can’t cross. I never give the impression we’ll do anything but talk. I spoke to one man after his wife had died. He said I helped him through a tough time. He insisted on buying Vivienne ­Westwood bags and shoes. It made him feel good.

They insist they remain respectful and kind, and that has what made them popular. Whilst some people think it a bad trend to be involved in, the sisters say there is nothing wrong with it.

We know how lucky we are. What girl doesn’t love to be spoiled? Some people might criticise us, but if someone sent them a beautiful new pair of shoes, would they return them? I doubt it. If men want to treat us, who are we to argue?

What do you make of this trend?

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