pay-amanda-sparrowThis super fan has spent £4,000 on a transformation into Captain Jack Sparrow, despite only seeing the Caribbean franchise this year…

She was so desperate to look like her pirate idol, she paid for tattoos, her name changed and gold teeth put in.

Amanda Sparrow, who was once Amanda Large, has spent over £4,000 to achieve her pirate of the seas look.

When her 13-year-old daughter told Amanda she looked like the pirate, Amanda decided to watch the film for the first time.


The 43-year-old said:

My daughter Carla Rose screamed in front of the TV – ‘Mum you are so much like Jack Sparrow!’ and I was like – ‘who is Jack Sparrow’? I settled down to watch 15 minutes with her because it was on Sky and I was instantly hooked.

Now, Amanda dresses like her idol every day.

She continued:

The way he gets on with life, his freedom and his walk is so much like me in personality – I’m quite masculine and have that sense. The way he deals with things is identical to me. I just really related to him.

Her full time job is as a saleswoman, but she has now set up her own impersonator business.


She’s had her hair styled into dread-locks, tattoos on her arms and gold teeth.

She’s even officially changed her name by deed-pole.


Amanda continues:

I live life looking like this on a day to day basis. The stuck on beard is the only thing I remove. I’ve spent over £4,000 on my transformation and gone through three exact replica painful tattoos. I love looking like this and people think I look great. I really connected with the character and thought why not?

The mother-of-four lives in Belfast, and is single. When asked about any future partners, she said:

It’s made me realise I don’t need a partner and if I got one, they’d have to accept me as Jack. My four children love it, but my dad thought I was too old to be dressing like a pirate. Now I’m using my new look and doing parties and charity work. I love the way I now look. I love seeing people’s reactions and get a really good response. Hopefully I can do more charity work off the back of it. Unfortunately the facial hair comes off, but if I could grow it I would. Life’s too short to dress normally and why would you, when you could spend every day as Mrs Sparrow.

Here’s to hoping she appears in the next Caribbean instalment!

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