Say or post anything these days, and someone somewhere will be offended…

It doesn’t matter what it is, there will always be someone who is quick to argue that what you said is wrong, offensive and you should have been more careful.

Blah blah blah.

2015 has been the year of over sensitive people. It’s almost as if now we can’t say what we want to say. We have no freedom to say our opinions, or whats on our minds, because someone, somewhere, will tell you you are wrong.

And isn’t it so fucking annoying?


Basically, if your opinion goes against someone else’s, you’re offensive. You’re wrong and you should not be allowed to say whats on your mind.

But naturally, they’re perfectly entitled to say what they want to say.

People are too safe these days. They’re too caught up in what society sees as right and what people would say if they were brave enough to go against convention and say the ‘unpopular opinion’.

For example – in the news recently was Caitlyn Jenner and her interview with TIME Magazine. Yes, she said that she felt like she needed to ‘play the role’, and if you were to look like a man in a dress people would feel ‘uncomfortable’. I can totally see why people would find that offensive.

But the way people are talking about this is almost as if Caitlyn has said something SERIOUSLY OFFENSIVE.

Yes, she could have chosen her words more carefully. Yes, people can’t afford the same surgery procedures that she had. But people are quick to tear her down because of who she is. People are quick to take offence because they feel like they have to, to appear strong and right to other people.

I read somewhere that the word ‘skinny’ is offensive. I’m sorry, but I’ve been told many times that I’m skinny and not once have I been offended? I don’t know what it is about internet culture deciding fat shaming is wrong, so instead turn to skinny people and complain that some skinny people are ‘too skinny’.


X Factor judge Cheryl has recently sparked ‘health concerns’ after appearing on TV looking like skin and bone. People have taken to claiming she needs help for her weight, with jokes circulating the internet that people should donate to help her.

It’s become a joke because she is too skinny. If she was fat, there would be uproar. People would say it was wrong to shame her for her body weight. Like they do with Kelly Clarkson. She puts on weight, people make fun, and suddenly everyone says thats wrong. Why should it be different with Cheryl?

I also read the other day that there was a programme on a kids TV channel that saw an egg ‘lose it’s head’ for a traditional egg and soldiers meal. Parents complained that this was in the style of ISIS.

I’m sorry, but it’s just madness. Are we allowed any fun?

There is enough anger, hurt and sadness in this world, why should we fuss over the little things? Why must we get offended by every little thing?

Sure, there are absolute bastards out there. There are people who use words to be spiteful and hurtful. In that case, they are offensive.

But it seems like we can’t do anything anymore without someone saying we’re going against their religion, or we’re shaming their body, or their sexuality, or their life choices.

I see people say there are too many gay jokes in a programme made in the 90s. I see people say there aren’t enough black people in a film. I feel like people will look for anything and make it an issue. Why?

If 2016 is anything like 2015, soon we will be unable to say anything at all. Everything will be censored and we will lose our personalities. We’ll become nothing but machines.

It’s ridiculous that we’re in an over sensitive culture. We’re all too mindful of what could be taken and interpreted to mean something completely different.

You can’t please everyone. So please, carry on with what you want to say. Because believe me, if someone tells you it’s offended them, chances are its not offensive at all.


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