It’s almost time for the next instalment of Star Wars to hit the cinema screens, and with excitement comes the need for fans to dress up and attend the screening in all their cosplay glory…

But cinema chaines Odeon and UCI have banned people bringing lightsabers to the screenings, and have said anyone wearing masks will have to take them off.

A spokesperson told The Independent:

We’re going to see some amazing costumes but we’re asking people to be sensible so please leave anything that resembles a gun or a blade at home. Fans who wear full-face helmets will be asked to lift them up so we can say “hi”. Eight foot Wookiee outfits, which might block the view of those sitting behind, will also have to be discarded.

Cinema chain Vue will instead go on a costume by costume basis, deciding which ones are appropriate for the audience.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens it out December 17th.

The Hipster Bible was formerly known as Brother Hipster.

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