Whisper The Donkey is the new star everyone is talking about, after being a diva and trying to ruin a Christmas nativity…

Like Lindsay Lohan turning up to set late and jeopardising a film, Whisper the Donkey put a nativity play into turmoil after destroying Christmas decorations.

The sold out festive production at Hoo Farm in Telford, Shrops almost had to be cancelled.

Whisper scoffed an entire set of Christmas lights, and organisers were horrified.

But Whisper didn’t stop at the lights. Deciding wires and bulbs were just the starter, Whisper went on to munch baubles and tinsel.


Staff were worried, and called a vet to give Whisper a check-up, but feared the sold out show would have to be pulled.

But despite the diva donkey, fans donated a new tree and fairy lights and the show went on.

Farm manager Will Dorrell said:

Once we saw what Whisper had been up to, we knew he was on Father Christmas’s naughty list. Luckily, we were able to work some Christmas magic and the Tree of Light was lit as planned, to the delight of our guests.

Whisper has refused to comment on the situation, but we hear he is set to do a tell all interview on Graham Norton.

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