Man Who Died Drinking Vodka Decides Death Isn’t for Him and Joins the Party Once More


A man who ‘died’ whilst drinking shots of vodka with friends in Russia was taken to the morgue before waking up in a freezer…

If you’ve never had a night out where you wake up in the morgue, you’re doing it wrong.

His ‘miraculous awakening’ came after partying too hard with his friends in Khasanky, the far east of Russia.

An ambulance was called, and paramedics told his friends that the man had died, before taking his body to the morgue.

Speaking to the local newspaper, police spokesman Aleksey Stoyev said:

That night the local morgue was filled to its capacity, the bodies were not only on the shelves, but also on the floor of the freezer room, where our ‘dead’ hero was allocated. At some point, the man woke up, failing to understand where he was. It was very dark and cold. In addition his brain was foggy due to the influence of alcohol.In the darkness, he felt someone’s completely cold limbs and in fear rushed to the door.

When the man did finally leave the morgue, he returned to his friends to find them still drinking, but this time in his memory. Imagine the shock they got when their ‘dead’ friend comes back into the house and carries on with the party!

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