Kim and Kanye Could Be Moving to England


Guess who could be moving to the UK? That’s right, Kim and Kanye…

The pair are said to be extremely interested in finding a lovely country home in the UK, and are now browsing estate agents to find the perfect home.

Kanye wants the house to be perfect, and is rumoured to be spending £500,000 on a plot of land to build his own home.


A source told The Mirror:

Kanye takes his image very seriously and he currently has his sights set on an aristocratic lifestyle. While he will always have a home in LA – where Kim’s expansive family are based – he likes the idea of having a manor across the pond.

It’s also thought, to fit in with ‘English heritage’, Kanye is hoping to get a portrait commissioned of him, Kim, North and Saint to hang in the english mansion.

The portrait is all part of his upper-class image. It will probably hang in there home in LA to begin with until the English country home is ready.

What do you think of Kim and Kanye moving to the UK?

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