The Daughter of Rowan Atkinson Could be The next Big Thing in Music


The daughter of comedian, Rowan Atkinson, could be the next big thing in music…

Lily Atkinson is no stranger to the world of celebrity. Her father, Rowan Atkinson, is estimated to be worth a whopping £130 million, and her mother is a famous make-up artist to the stars.

But now it seems Lily wants to make a name for herself by launching her own career in music. And luckily for her, she has the help of her dad to get that dream in motion.

Rowan Atkinson is rumoured to be funding his daughters dream, and has supposedly already paid for a £10,000 music video. As well as that, he has reportedly spent £6,000 on photoshoots.

A source told The Sun:

Lily’s dream since she was small was to be a singer and now she’s getting help realising that dream. She’s performed a few gigs in a cabaret style and really enjoyed them. Her parents both come from show-business backgrounds so they are fully supportive of her.

It is believed she will be releasing songs that are of a R&B/pop genre, and has already had a few gigs at low-key London clubs.

Are you looking forward to what Lily has to bring?

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