CBB: Live Blogging

It’s here, the show-themed Celebrity Big Brother! Let’s see the housemates go in! 

Emma has come to the crowds from inside the house. Imagine if this years twist was her as a housemate.

There are 16 housemates this year! We know who they are, The Hipster Bible told you all about it.

No furniture yet. Everything locked and only Big Brother has the key. After this years diva demands from the celebrities, I can’t wait to see how they react to that!

Two celebrities will already face two nights away from other housemates in a private box.

First housemate time…

gemma collins

The worst kept secret was Gemma Collins. She sensationally quit the jungle after only a few days, so now naturally she decides to enter Big Brother. What do you think? #CBBGemma

Housemate number 2!

john altrdige

EastEnders star. Not sure what he’ll be like. John Patridge. #CBBJohn

Housemate number 3 is Danniella Westbrook, EastEnders actress and notorious drug user.


This is a chance for Danniella to appeal to a wider audience who only know her as someone who uses so much drugs.

Number 4 is Christopher Maloney – uh oh.


Apparently, Gary Barlow is on speed dial and he had a break down after his time on the show apparently. He used to be friends with Danniella, but they’re not friends now! Bring on the drama!

The audience ripped #CBBChristopher apart. Boo’s and chants telling him exactly how they felt. From X Factor to panto.

An awkward reunion then between Danniella and Christopher.

Here’s the next housemate Tiffany Pollard.


#CBBTiffany seems like she’s going to try too hard to be a bitch. She wants to be H.B.I.C – Head Bitch in Charge. Let’s bring it.

Darren Day is the next housemate who became famous when he became Joseph. He apparently dominated the headlines by being a loverat.


Scraping the barrel time – it’s Megan McKenna from Ex on the Beach. Bore.


Twitter ‘feud’ with Ellie Goulding. Producers probably hoping she gets off with Scotty T or Mr Ireland.

Now we’ve got Winston McKenzie, member of UKIP.


Hoping to run for mayor of London. After appearing on Big Brother I’m not sure. Already said something homophobic. Audience are already chanting off.

Big Brother is speaking for the first time tonight!

John has become spokesperson for the group. He has to make a decision. He has to choose two housemates to go inside the empty box, where they will stay for two days without possessions or luxuries.

John has put himself in the box, and Darren has stood up to volunteer.

They’re all gathered outside.

John and Darren are locking away suitcases. First, they’ve locked away Christopher’s.

Next, they’re locking away Winston’s suitcase.

Third person they’ve chose is Danniella.

Next housemate is David Gest!

david gest

He hasn’t been on for a minute yet, and already he’s claimed his wedding was the most expensive wedding, and he’s mentioned Michael.


#CBBDavid is praising Emma with how proud he is of her getting to the top in her career.

We’re on number ten and it’s Scotty T.


Swearing, talking about shagging girls, talking about his dick and claiming girls are with him in seconds. Dick head.

It’s Kristina Rihanoff who is no longer on Strictly.


She says now is the time to see what she’s really like. With things written in the press she could be something interesting. #CBBKristina.

Next housemate is Kim K’s bestie, Jonathan Cheban.


Not as big as a celebrity as he’s made out to be. Could be quite boring, but could dish some news on Kim.

Next housemate is Angela Bowie, ex-wife of David Bowie.


Three more celebs to go!


Next housemate is Stephanie from Hollyoaks.

Number fifteen is Jeremy McConnell, Mr Ireland and ‘model’.


Why do people think Big Brother requires them to talk about their dicks?

Producers probably hoping he gets with Ex on the Beach star.

Final housemate is Nancy Dell’Olio.


So that’s all housemates in, but of course, Big Brother has a twist.

Will John and Darren take the luxury? Something tells me they won’t. John is too nice for Big Brother.

John has allowed the rest of the housemates to unlock the kitchen, and get luxury food, whilst John and Darren get gruel.

Well that’s it! Our housemates for the year. What do you think?



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