Tyga Surprises Kylie Jenner with a brand new Ferrari for her 18th Birthday at Bootsy Bellows

Tyga has come under fire for messaging a 14-year-old girl…

OK! Magazine USA obtained the texts sent on Instagram between him and aspiring 14-year-old singer, and claimed that Tyga was trying to get with the underage girl.

But in a press conference, 14-year-old Molly O’Malia has had no choice but to respond to the claims, in which she says Tyga made her feel ‘uncomfortable’.

Appearing alongside her lawyer, Gloria Allred, who represents Bill Cosby abusers, 14-year-old Molly was visibly upset.

OK! Magazine USA’s front cover reads ‘Tyga In Love With Underage Teen!’

Initially, Megan believed the conversations sent through Instagram were to be about her music, but Tyga tried to get her on FaceTime.

Speaking to the press, Megan said:

I’m very upset that a story about Tyga, Kylie Jenner and me was published by OK! magazine and I want people to know the truth. The truth is that Tyga contacted me first, he direct messaged me on Instagram, I knew who he was but I was surprised that he was contacting me. I began to feel uncomfortable when he asked me to FaceTime with him. He asked me to FaceTime three times but I didn’t do it. Because of my discomfort of why he wanted to communicate with me, I quickly stopped responding. I never sent the communication between Tyga and me to OK! magazine and I don’t know how they obtained them. I would never have allowed OK! magazine or any other magazine to use them. It is also upsetting to me that OK! magazine never even contacted my Mum or me to check the facts to see if what they were publishing was true. I’m speaking out today because I don’t want what happened to me to happen to any other young girl.

However, in the messages, which you can see below, Megan claims to be 17. Tyra has said that the messages exchanged were strictly business, as he wanted to sign her to his own record label.

A bizarre story. I wonder what Kylie makes of the news…

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