Will There Be A Gay Storyline in Star Wars?

poe dameron

Could Star Wars be about to get its very own gay storyline?

According to this fan theory, that might just be the case.

The new Star Wars film, created by Disney, is standing out in more ways than one. Yes, it’s a brand new film in the biggest franchise, but that’s not the only thing getting people talking. It has a female lead in the form of Rey, a lead black character in the form of Finn, and it has an interesting story that is set to throw us straight back into the world of space.

Whilst many characters and extras are male, it is the females who manage to stand out.

But whilst all of this has been happening, it looks like we may have missed a key developing storyline – and that’s the romance between Finn and Poe Dameron.

I say romance, but it’s only a fan theory right now, but one that might have truth behind it.


It seems Disney could be about to be very daring indeed, and introduce their first gay characters…

However, sad reality is that if this did happen, there would be every chance that this could ‘damage’ the millionaire franchise. Disney are not about to jeopardise that in any way.

It’s possible that fans could object to a gay storyline, and therefore refuse to see the remaining films, therefore losing sales and audience figures.

Whilst everyone thought there would be a romance between Rey and Finn, it seems many people can’t look past the natural chemistry Finn has with Poe.

Whilst this storyline remain subtext, and never truly develop, it seems actor Oscar Isaac, who plays Poe, believes this could be a true thing.

In an interview with Ellen, he said:

You have to watch it a few times to catch all the little hints. But there was. At least I was playing romance. In the cockpit I was playing… there was a deep romance.

What Disney have to consider, however, is that homosexuality is illegal in some of the countries The Force Awakens was distributed in.

It has not only got fandoms on Tumblr talking about this theory, but mainstream news sources such as the Telegraph.

It’s great that Star Wars is ready to address diversity in it’s new era films, but don’t be surprised if the ‘gay storyline’ is nothing more than just speculation.


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