Is Gemma Collin’s Boyfriend Cheating on Her?

gemma collins

Gemma Collins has entered the Big Brother house and has been heard gushing about her romance with her new boyfriend…

But it seems her new boyfriend has been cheating on her, has a violent past, and is desperate for fame.

GC has been dating her boyfriend, Stephen Mortimer, three months. But she is unaware that he is secretly seeing Rebecca Smith.

According to The Sun on Sunday, Rebecca slept with Stephen, and in the aftermath he has sent her a string of messages asking for a second sex session.

Rebecca has said:

He is desperate to be famous and is only using Gemma for her celebrity status. I was devastated to find out that he was two-timing us. I feel used. He was very jealous and paranoid over other man and would always ask whether I was behaving myself. His house keys are still at my flat after he left them there the last time we had sex. He’ll need them because if Gemma does the right thing she’ll chuck him out when she leaves CBB.

Stephen slept with Rebecca a week before meeting Gemma, but despite quickly moving himself in with Gemma, he has been sending Rebecca constant messages.

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