CBB fans ‘angry’ after Angie Bowie is shown in tears

The viewers of Celebrity Big Brither are outraged at Channel 5 for showing Angie Bowie in tears after the death of her exhusband David Bowie.

Angie divorced the global musician back in 1980 but was shown on CBB in distress after hearing the sad news of her exhusband passing.

The producers of the show posted to Facebook and Twitter that Angie was told of David’s passing ‘off camera’, they are now being accused of exploiting her by fans of the show after showing a teaser of her upset at the end of yesterday’s program.


Viewers of the show took to Twitter to express their feelings on the matter.

The clip was shown at the end of the hour long program, which had Angie Bowie in tears, using her grief to tease the audience.

Angie said “I haven’t seen in him in so many years, I can’t make a big drama out of it”

“It just feels like an era has ended with his passing”.


Whilst viewers were tweeting at their disgust at the decision to show her emotional on screen, Angie was shown breaking down surrounded by her fellow housemates.

Angie, 66, met David Bowie when she was just 19 years of age and then married him a year later in 1970.


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