Sam Reece Has NOT Dumped Stephanie Davis


Can you EVEN keep up? 

So last night it was thought Stephanie’s boyfriend, Sam Reece, had publicly dumped Stephanie after she continued to flirt with Jeremy McConnell. After Sam sent this tweet, it seemed all hope was lost for the pair.


But now Sam has broken his silence over the tweet, and confirmed he has not broken up with the ex-Hollyoaks actress. Publicity stunt, anyone?

He said:

I would like to clarify that Stephanie and I continue to remain a couple irrespective of comments on social media surrounding our relationship saying that I’ve ‘dumped’ her as she still remains in the house. Monday’s comment was me with me withdrawing support via social media for the time being. I will be talking to her when she leaves the Big Brother house.

A source has insisted it’s all because of the attention he is currently receiving:

He’s getting so much social media attention and people are saying such awful things. It all just got a bit much for him and he just wanted to take a back on social media because of that. That’s all. It’s difficult when your girlfriend and your relationship are thrown into the public eye like that. But he knows what the score is.

We’ll keep you updated, as there will surely be more to follow.

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