Your Boss is Spying on You


If you work in an office, you might be suspicious of your boss for many reasons…

But one reason that has definitely crossed your mind at some point is whether or not he has the ability to spy on your computer and what you do.

Well get ready to have those suspicions confirmed, as it seems your boss is one hundred per cent entitled to view what you are using office computers for. So if you’re using it to message your friends, family or blog…ahem…then don’t be surprised if your boss calls you up on it.

Europe’s court of human rights has ruled that companies can read your private messages.

They said:

Basically, if you are doing something in the workplace, odds are your employer has the right to monitor it – as long as they tell you they are doing so. According to the Citizens Advice Bureau, bosses have the right to open and read emails, check phone logs, record phone calls and record you on CCTV cameras. With electronic communications, they don’t need your permission, it’s basically assumed if you’re using equipment provided by your work, for work. Bosses can also check details of websites you visit – and (scarily) check your details with credit reference agencies, as well as recording you on CCTV. They do, however, have to inform workers that this is happening – secret CCTV recording is only permitted when serious crime, such as drug dealing, is suspected.

The news came after a man was fired for using Yahoo Messenger during work time to message both clients and personal contacts.


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