Kylie Jenner Says It’s Hard Being A Girl and she will Tone Down on Make Up


Kylie Jenner has shared on her app her New Year’s resolutions and what she aims to do this year…

She has said she wants to go make-up free and has admitted it’s ‘hard being a girl’.

She has said she wants to tone her glamorous look down, as it takes so much work.

Speaking in a video on her app, she said:

I kind of want to tone it down. I feel like 2016, everyone’s on the natural wave, at least me and my friends. I just want to take my nails off, no hair, no make-up. It’s too much to maintain, sometimes. It’s hard being a girl.


But whilst the make up might be a bit too much for her, she has said she is planning to dye her hair.

Burgundy. I really want to do burgundy or red hair. It’s red vibes.


And she has also said that this year she wants to take time with her friends, after a hectic 2015 where she dominated the headlines.

I feel like this is the year of the friends. In 2015 we all kind of got disconnected. I didn’t appreciate my friends as much as I should, and they just keep me grounded. If I didn’t have them, I feel I wouldn’t be myself… I see more of myself when I hang out with them… So 2016, the year of the friends. Always appreciate your friends.


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