Do you remember The Simple Life, and the comedy genius that was Nicole Richie?

Well, this is what she looks like now, and many people are shocked.


Looking very serious and mature, it’s a far cry from the LA wild child we watched terrorise innocents with Paris Hilton.

Many people are beginning to think Nicole is starting to look strained as rumours circulate that she is having trouble with her marriage. She was spotted at Stella McCartney’s Autumn 2016 Presentation at Amoeba Music, and seemed to be thinking of other things.

Richie married Good Charlotte star Joel Madden, and they have been married for five years. They started dating in 2006.

The couple have two children together.

A source has said:

Nicole and Joel are basically living as co-parents right now. They had a super rough year and right now they are really trying everything imaginable to salvage what is left of their marriage. After going through a really rough patch she feels that having a baby will help repair some of what is wrong with them. Neither Nicole, nor Joel, seems to know what to do to make their marriage work.

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