Stephanie Davis Finds Out She Did Kiss Jeremy McConnell When Drunk

Stephanie Davis found out last night that she did indeed kiss Jeremy McConnell whilst she was drunk…

After a night of drinking, Stephanie asked Jeremy if anything had happened, only to be told that they had kissed under the covers. 

She was heard asking the former Mr Ireland: ‘Did I do anything before bed last night? We didn’t do anything wrong, did we?’

To which Jeremy replied that they did in fact kiss. 

Stephanie’s boyfriend, Sam Reece, did not turn up to Friday nights eviction to support Stephanie. 


  1. This annoys me so much! Stephanie is really a disgrace, as a celebrity, she’s meant to be representing women in there yet she makes us look like fools. She knows what she’s doing is wrong and yet she sits in the diary room moaning about how it could look bad to the outside.. yet she continues to jump into bed with Jeremy! If she really did care about her boyfriend she just wouldn’t do that! People these days!

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