During an emotional phone call, Scott Disick left the Kardashian’s fearing that he was going to take his own life, after telling them he just ‘can’t get it together’ following the split from his wife, Kourtney… 

In the latest episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Scott sent a worrying message to Khloe whilst Kourtney was out of town.

Khloe then rang Kris, who was with Kim and Kylie.

Kim said: ‘Khloe calls me hysterical saying that Scott sent her this text message that was really scary saying that he just can’t take it any more and Khloe tried to call Kourtney but she’s on a flight back from Montana.’

As Khloe can’t get hold of Kourtney, she rings Scott to ask why he would send a message like that.

Scott is heard saying: ‘I just can’t do this. I just can’t keep doing this without my family. I’ll never fucking meet anybody more beautiful than her, and I love her. But she doesn’t love me.’

Khloe replies:  ‘She definitely does love you, but she wants you to get better and love yourself.’

To which Scott says: ‘My life is officially over, I just want it over. And I just wanted you to know.’

What do you make of this news?

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