Tristan Rees Identifies as Male, but Dresses in Woman’s Clothing

A psychic who contacted police about the murder of a woman has been arrested on suspicion after the details were so accurate…

Tristan Rees has claimed that he was visited by the spirit of murdered Linda Bryant, who died in 1998 after a brutal stabbing.

He claims she won’t leave him alone, and after fearing telling the police, he decided to do it.

The murder of Linda has still remained unsolved.

Tristan went to the police with detailed information of the murder, from the vehicle her attacker fled in to detail descriptions of the attacker with the knife.

However, two officers turned up at Tristan’s house and requested DNA samples as his claims were so spookily accurate.

Tristan said:

I didn’t want to go to the police because it might look like I’m involved. But I got fed up with Linda showing me the murder, so I took the information to the police. What Linda was showing me was quite graphic and prolonged. I was quite shocked when I saw these two cops outside in suits and took a DNA sample – they didn’t say why. It must be because the information was so accurate it gave them cause to think I was the murderer. It was six months ago and they have just left me hanging. I don’t know if they are still investigating or treating me as a suspect.

Tristan has been a clairvoyant since he was a child, and he claims to be able to talk to spirits. He says that six weeks after the death of Linda, her spirit made contact with him and told him how she had died.

Speaking of what he saw, Tristan said:

The visions just came to me at any time. It was almost like looking at a film but I’m right there next to her and the killer. It was always the same pictures of her walking down the lane and the killer following her and then he walks back to a van he’s got.

Tristan was able to describe what the attacker looked like, and what he was wearing.

A spokesman for Devon and Cornwall police has said:

Police met with Tristan Rees in June 2015 after he contacted us stating that he had been receiving premonitions about Linda Bryant’s murder. He provided information to us via a brief statement and his DNA was taken with his consent as a routine procedure. The police are always grateful for any information regarding this, or any other case.

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